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Affection through the night "left" version of Valentine's Day

Full of excitement and joy of the Ox Chinese wow gold New Year draws to a close, filled with romance and the sweetness comes in February, the annual Valentine's Day is coming soon! At this point the players feel that sweet "left - the wizard's secret language" version of Valentine's Day Romance on the line this morning, super sweet content and more exciting activities will be based on full of laughter and beauty of the "departure" on the world Xintian Valentine's rich romantic atmosphere. More adventure, more warm, more romantic, more moving, more encounter to make the "journey" sweet adventure! TA TA to love and leave with it! Cupid Valentine's Day gift packs blessing Tonight, sunny, cloudy to clear tonight, a dark and stormy night, tonight for flirting! Cupid minors to come in tonight Juno castle, for all sentient beings Yingying the blessing promised men and women! At the same time for all players to bring Valentine's Day gift packs, as long as the on-line will be able to receive Cupid at Oh! Cupid spree Reward: Chocolate 3, "I love you" fireworks 3, couple rings (12 rings of 12 constellations; star ring, moon ring, ring, the one the sun. 15 randomly received one of the ring. ), kissing skill book 1, Block 1 silver, 3 trumpet, 2 double Medal of experience, pet food rations (small) 2. Little princesses dance The promise of six-color roses blessing for life Red stands for passion, white represents purity, blue for sad, yellow for health, representatives of elegant purple, orange, on behalf of energy! Valentine's Day added six colors of roses, more rare species, "BLUELOVER," which contains every kind of rose is a different meaning, as beloved a bouquet of flowers TA selection now! Let our Valentine's Day filled with colorful roses and flowers in among. And Cupid's photo Valentine's Day dance encounter at the National Conference of Dance White Day detonated National dance! 24 hours a day in the Lord of the Dance "Michael" and the Dancing Queen "Michelle" under the guidance of dance to it! Old Town Square as long as you come to Juneau designated place, crazy dance your pretty dance posture, not only attracted the attention of handsome Way We can also get the experience reward Oh! More to look forward to Valentine's Day in this grand dance in, with a loved one, the chance encounter that turned up several times, but oh! Square dance is really strange things! Valentine's Day True Confessions full-service moving testimony of love Sweet Valentine's Day, Who would you spend? That your TA, to understand your mind? "Journeys" invites the world to spend a romantic Valentine's Day lovers, true confession, write your declaration of love, will make all witness! We carefully selected the most sincere of each server, the most touching declaration of love, according to the server to vote ~ Declaration of love for each server will have ten wins, February 14 the same day, rolling in the whole service announcement ~ Let her know that you love, so that all the players to witness your love! Valentine's Day there will be many follow-up activities, please pay attention on the players and the official website forum ~ ~ leave a memorable bar ~ Meng just jump over the small LORI Vote for "left" free PSP to send money to send Mall props Q Elf whispered in the ear whisper, is the fate FANS will gather from all corners of the game to leave the world ... ... cheap wow gold we set off to the perfect world, all players can not do without the support and trust! Dear players, gently tap the left mouse button, to leave valuable cast a vote now! It also has a gift both hands Oh! Tap, a chance to win PSP3000! 1OOQB, super cute bathrobe, sexy bikini, cute Orecchiette and other premium gifts, as well as forging character, trumpet, turned volume, dance volume and so on use of props, brilliant! Involved in a lot of, lot of prizes! Gift to send non-stop to wait for you to come and collect it! Time: January 13-February 20 On the "left - the wizard's secret code" "Left - the wizard's secret code" is a fantasy adventure type Q-3DMMORPG game. Fusion of myth legend, fairy tales, science fiction blurred in the glare, while a variety of exotic adventures to the mysterious planet, the vast number of stars for the game in the background to the fascinating story twists and guide players start fantasy adventure trip . In the game players may find adventure, racing, pets, machinery, LORI, Q version, embarrassing, and many other popular online games and game themes perfect integration of the system, in the "left" huge perfect mystical interpretation of the world the Battle and leisure. Beautifully detailed graphics and a large number of disruptive innovation and game system, players will create a memorable gaming experience shock!

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IO Interactive studio's history of layoffs rift gold Ai 35

SE has confirmed rift gold that they owned IOInteractive upcoming round of layoffs studio, the number will be about 35 people. "We are about to lay off 35 of IOInteractive about, for a studio, this is normal for corporate affairs. We need to improve the compression efficiency and operating costs." SE spokesman responded in an interview, "I hope those who are leaving colleagues were able to have good luck finding a new job. " IOInteractive is one of Denmark's SquareEnix video game developers. The company in September 1998 by the Reto-Moto Development Group was founded. So far their most famous works are "killer" series of games. The production team has one characteristic: the design of the game plot is often referred to the development of other games of their own content. Moreover, their work also includes the "freedom fighters", "mini-ninja" and "Kane and Lynch" series. This time of year is the peak of the gaming industry layoffs, along with a number of upcoming listing of game development buy rift gold at the end of the year to complete, with nothing to do will be re-adaptation of the developer, the extra people will be fired. Just last week, EA announced that its Vancouver studio responsible for "skateboard" and "NBA elite" developers will be laid off about 100 people.

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Joint operation to bring into focus a number aoc gold of ne

What is the focus of online games Age Of Conan Gold in 2009? The joint operation. 08 end of the year, early in 2009 a joint news online games industry is the largest grand, Jinshan will jointly operate "JX Online World" news broke, speculation of joint operations by the two reached an unprecedented level of market interest. DreamWorks also established a high-profile joint operating company launched a new martial arts masterpiece, "New Chivalry Road", invites all to join operations, joint operating mode is stronger and bigger by the Chengdu DreamWorks, makers of joint operations posture of the strongest re-released new work, the joint public beta in mid March, which shows that DreamWorks on "New Chivalry Road," the high expectations, high confidence, will ship in the formation of a martial arts combined. According to reports, including Lianzhong, middle, Sina and many other well-known platforms have been expressed on the joint operation "New Chivalry Road," the interest in DreamWorks have taken advantage of passed out an olive branch, made a high profile "elite joint" concept. Why do so many well-known platform promising this product? What secret lies. Excellent production team and product quality DreamWorks also has a handful of domestic R & D, marketing and operations departments of the manufacturers of a full set, even some one line operators can not match their competition in R & D strength is an important capital. Products of their joint operations "Chivalry Road," to do the whole platform of 15 million people online achievement, in 2008 revenues of nearly 2 billion yuan, had to be very impressive. "New Chivalry Road," as the DreamWorks "Man" series, for Mahayana beginning in R & D set a high standard, proprietary research and development team just for this one project, DreamWorks painstakingly visible. According to reports, the "new chivalry road" to copy the perfect touch to send a player not martial arts world, realistic style is very clear cut acupuncture pulse, Feiyanzoubi, should taste, with a stand-alone games in the genre of R & D experience in the production team has been in the game screen and the pursuit of to make harsh, said Kingsoft's original painting powerful, DreamWorks artists can match his strength. Rigorous research and development concept for the game and lay a firm foundation to closed beta client performance, not only a solid game rich in content and style surprise beautiful, easy to play strong, even Zhongda downtime incident did not happen This is measured in the same period a lot of products, outstanding performance, commendable. Measured performance, the confidence of the decision platform "New Chivalry Road" closed beta testing to not delete files, open only a small part of the official servers, operating platform and there is no real participation. However, operating data, is very gratifying, the client data on over 15 million downloads, over 30,000 concurrent users, the number continued to grow within the game very objective, the loss rate is controlled by very small players on the "New Chivalry Road" Niece generally positive. Niece to the remarkable performance of the major platforms like admission reassures the joint operations carried to the agenda of the official business negotiation, it is amenable wow gold to the idea of individual large-scale platform, the whole process of negotiations to a one day only, the staff joked: "Platform too much work to recruit new person. "DreamWorks has already reached the current" elite joint "consistent with the concept of large-scale platform has more than five. A responsible officer of DreamWorks, said: "We are also open service, while beta, martial arts will dominate the online arena." Follow-up cooperation, a brother's commitment to joint operations DreamWorks to do joint operations, with a reputation of integrity, joint projects from the past, almost all the game updates are synchronized, synchronization, and cooperation the two sides close, and even many of the staff sides have formed a very good brotherhood. The best server to the partners, deal with the problem the fastest, the most favorable operating into, is the joint operation team of the best DreamWorks philosophy, DreamWorks people know the benefits of mutual benefit and win-win, and only a good way product development can move forward to the final completion of outstanding performance, the game gives players a comfortable experience. "New Chivalry Road" together a number of joint operations platform, in March to seeing you soon, martial arts masterpiece, glory debut.

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rift gold Nintendo, winner in England

The Wii console based strongest rift gold in the United Kingdom. The Xbox comes next, followed by the PS3. It would have suspected but a Gfk survey supports our intuition. In England there are 4.9 million Wii, 3.2 million Xbox 360 and PS3 1.9 million. This means that 2 million Wii parties in the year 2008 against 1.4 million in 360 and 1 million PS3. He also passed 600,000 PSP base is 3.2 million units. But this is nothing compared to the base of DS as it stands at 8.8 million. In 2008, it took over the portable Nintendo entire database of buy rift gold PSP (3.4 million units sold. So he sold for five DS PSP. He admitted that the catalog game is largely for the benefit of the machine from Nintendo.

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Is the earth or paradise? "Hero," a new original wow gold p

2009 most anticipated first turn-based wow gold epic masterpiece "Hero", will soon be the largest version of the update this year. In the new version, the new map of realistic strange case of the new "pet animal", a new copy of the real campaign, the new cool weapon effects, fully meet with the players. 2009, "aspirations" as the most shocking historical blockbusters, will give players five years of the most precipitation classic epic experience! Today, the "aspirations" turn a new map of the strange case of a panoramic view of the exposure, allowing the player to advance to enjoy the visual feast to bring the new version! Prime House Plot Cottage Chai House Su forest estate In the new map, players will encounter many unique charm in the field huts or bamboo house at leisure to sit, so that state of mind a break! Bamboo bridge deep Blue bridge Water bridge People in ancient times the main building bridges of wood, but in shallow water for the building of bridges of bamboo originality, An Yiwen elegant, fresh and reveals a hint of summer in the rhyme. Curved path twists and turns Different Shuqing Order Rugged Hill Mountain paths, carved the landscape of nature, and that mountain roads of different trees, is dedicated to the world of nature's masterpiece! Falls by pit Falls by pit Waterfall slide from three thousand feet at the pit, splashes a rainbow, this beautiful scenery, perhaps the player only in the "Hero" in order to enjoy! Waves of wind and reed Reed Sea Shallow Reed Reed wind moving over the floor, the wind and dance, as if to tell the feelings of the wind brought from afar, sometimes sad, sometimes happy, do not know today how they tell the story for the players! The beautiful scenery, the new version will be met with the players in the eleven, then the full flavor of how the map will give players the challenge, let us look forward to! The strong historical flavor, the most shocking experience of war, the most vivid historical classic, "Hero," "open closed beta" has been shaken come, with your troops, cast your five thousand! On the "aspirations": "Hero" by the "asked" the same people took five years to build with great concentration, the blue-line exclusive agent in Hong Kong's latest masterpiece. wow oro Game contains more than 10,000 people passed down the history of military commanders to be "baby", and the players to fight. In addition, players can play simultaneously commanding four generals, one team aspirations to the world. Games will be grand majestic, soul-stirring one by one to reproduce the historical battle, and those who remember the people, touching biographies and legends will also be the story missions in the game to give all to reproduce. Realistic approach of the game performance of the perfect fusion of five thousand years of history, allowing the player endless smoke of gunpowder in bulk, to experience the endless history of shock and moving! Excellent game performance, so many players crazy!


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